Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Get More Coupon Inserts Each Week

How do you get extra coupons each week? Here are several suggestions of ways to get coupons and coupon inserts.

1. Buy Your Local Sunday Paper - This is obviously the easiest way to get coupon inserts. Most Sunday papers feature the standard RedPlum, SmartSource, General Mills & Proctor & Gamble Inserts weekly. Depending on how much your Sunday paper is however, it may be cheaper to buy the inserts online. I go to Rite Aid and use my wellness plus card and get 20% off the total cost of my paper.

2. Buy Inserts online – Sites like Sunday Coupon Inserts and many more offer you the opportunity to purchase your whole inserts online. These can range from anywhere to $.50 – $1.25 per insert. As I said before, it depends on how much your Sunday paper is to determine whether this is a better deal.

3. Recycling Bins – Well sometimes anything is worth a try. I have had you can find your local paper recycling bin and go through it to find the coupon inserts. On occasion I went with my daughter and we were lucky, I have heard a few people actually have gone to their local recycling center. 

4. Ask your friends, family & co-workers to save their coupon inserts for you – If you have family and friends that subscribe to the paper but aren’t interested in couponing then ask them to save the inserts for you. I have a few-coworkers who will clip the ones they want and pass the rest along.

5. Restaurants, Waiting Rooms and Tim Hortons - On any given Sunday, you can frequent a coffee shop and find a paper laying around that someone has left behind for the other patrons to enjoy. Usually, you can also find coupons laying around. One day at Tim Horton's I was lucky enough to find six papers.

6. Set up a Coupon Trade at your work– Set up a box in a common area like a break or lunch room. At work our supervisor will bring in coupons and I have started to as well . For example, I may buy several papers for one or two particular coupons and know the others can be useful to someone else. So I am always glad to pass them along this way.

Things you should NOT do:
1. Take the coupon inserts out of the papers at the grocery store or gas station. I will always check the paper that is does include the inserts before purchasing it. Many times I have noticed several papers that were missing the inserts.
2. Don' t take more than one Sunday paper out of the newspaper box unless you have paid for the paper. 

Share with us your ideas? Is anyone interested in being a part of a coupon exchange? 


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