Saturday, June 30, 2012

Five Great Ideas to use for Shampoo

I love being thrifty and end up stockpiling alot of inexpensive Shampoo especially when I can find it  for FREE. Here are a few idea that I've discovered you can use Shampoo for. 

1. Shaving cream. Try using the conditioner too. Honestly you just need something that suds and it works just as well as shaving cream. Conditioner is really good because it conditions yours skin. Try it and feel the difference.
2. Body wash. Yep, if you can make suds, it can make you clean. I do this all the time. You don’t need to ever spend a lot on body wash especially when shampoo is on sale.
3. Sugar scrub. Just add some sugar or even salt and make yourself a body scrub.
4. Use it to mop your floor. I know sounds crazy! But all you need to do is add a cap full to a bucket of water and watch it work wonders on ceramic and linoleum floors.
5. Bubbles -Do your kids love bubbles? All you do, is add a cap full of shampoo to water and use that for bubbles. It's great fun and works perfectly.
What are some of your ideas?


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