Monday, February 9, 2015

Today's Tip: Save Money When You Purchase Market Pantry Brands

Do you know when you shop at Target you can save more money when you purchase the Market Pantry Brand. Many people don't realize Target has it's own brand on items that we buy everyday. 

Here are a few examples of everyday items most people normally purchase-

Gallon of Milk - 

Milk 1 Gallon 2% - $3.99
Market Pantry Milk 1 Gallon 2% - $2.99
 * plus right now there is a 5% Target cartwheel for Market Pantry Milk

Barilla  Spaghetti Pasta- 16oz - $1.39 
Market Pantry Spaghetti Pasta - 16 oz - $1.19*

* plus right now there is a 5% Cartwheel discount and a $1.00 off (3) Market Pantry Pasta Target Coupon

Kellogg's Corn Flakes Cereal - 18oz box- $2.99
Market Pantry Corn Flakes- 18 oz box- $2.39*

* plus right now there is a 5% Target cartwheel for Market Pantry Cereal

These are just three examples that I have found where by using not a name brand product can save money and find there is no different is how the product actually taste. In many cases the only difference in the product is the actual product packaging of the item.

Remember these are just a few examples, while your shopping take a few minutes to look for the Market Pantry brand and see the difference for yourself how much that savings can add up. 



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