Monday, May 4, 2015

**HURRY** Get A FREE Sample of Prilosec OTC

This is a RARE Sample! Even better, it’s a simple submit! Just click the banner above and fill out your name and address and click submit! It’s that easy!

NOTE: If you are on Google Chrome on your computer, it’s possible your ad blocker is blocking the picture above! Simple go to the top right hand corner of your screen and click on the little red symbol that looks like a hand.. Then click “Do not block on this page” The ad will pop right up!
  • Prilosec OTC® provides all-day, all-night protection against frequent heartburn. That’s zero heartburn for 24 hours with just one pill a day.*
  • With Prilosec OTC®, you won’t get frequent heartburn in the first place. One pill a day. 24 hours. Zero heartburn.*
  • With just one Prilosec OTC® pill a day, you can block frequent heartburn before it begins for a full 24 hours with zero heartburn. So you can get through the day – and rest at night – without the worry of heartburn flare-ups on your mind.*


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