Saturday, October 31, 2015

Tips for Shopping Target Halloween Clearance

The Halloween clearance will start tomorrow, November 1st. The Target holiday/seasonal clearance is one of my favorite ways to save money at Target. The holiday items will get marked down as low as 90% off (food items 70% off). Here are the dates the Halloween clearance were marked down last year. Please keep in mind that last year the clearance to 70% off and 90% off when sooner than normal so there is a chance it can happen later than these dates:

Halloween 50% off (food 30%) – November 1st
Halloween 70% off (food 50%) – November 3rd
Halloween 90% off (food 70%) – November 5th & 6th

In some cases, the markdown on food happens later than the holiday merchandise so keep that in mind too. Here are a few things you will need to know regarding the seasonal markdowns. These holiday markdowns are done via computer, so you WILL NOT see little red price stickers on these items. They WILL NOT do price adjustments on clearance items.

Kleenex and often Up & Up tissue with Halloween packaging can be found on clearance. Occasionally, they will mark these down like they do the normal clearance (with red tags), if that happens these will only go down to 70% off.

 Hefty and Glad usually always have some holiday themed plastic wraps, bags and containers.

Make sure you also check the dollar spot section because there will be clearance there too. Sometimes they will move the dollar spot items back with the Halloween items, so if you don’t see if up front you might see it there.
Once the Halloween clearance starts please share with us any hidden deals you found.We love to see your holiday shopping trips and clearance finds. Please share you photos any of the following ways:


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