Monday, September 26, 2016

Amazon: Simple Savings: 274 Money Savings Tips-$0.99

Head over to Amazon and get the Kindle edition of  Simple Savings: 274 Money-Saving Tips That Will Help You Save $1,000 or More Every Month for only $0.99-

By reading Simple Savings, you will learn how to:
  • Free-up room in your budget so that you can spend more money on things that you actually enjoy.
  • Reduce your family's grocery budget by $50.00 per week (while buying the same food you are today).
  • Dramatically reduce the cost of your cable bill, your cell phone bill and other nagging, recurring expenses.
  • Cut the cost of transportation in half by spending less on gasoline and lowering your vehicle maintenance costs.
  • Stop getting ripped-off by your bank and get financial services that actually work for you (and not against you).
  • Book a first-class trip on an economy budget using little-known travel hacks and other money saving tips.
Remember prices on Amazon are subject to change - Order yours now!


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