Where and How to Get Coupons

Buy the Sunday paper. You can also buy it in the store too. But remember, check your paper for the coupon inserts. I have found inserts missing in my delivery and at the store before! If it’s not there then make sure you say something! You’re paying for them, you should get them.

Check your sales ads & junk mail. Coupon inserts in the Sunday paper aren’t the only place you’ll find coupons. Check all the pages of the newspaper, Parade magazine, and even places like your junk mail you get in the middle of the week. There won’t be many but sometimes there are some good ones snuck in there.

Check your magazines. The Wal-Mart All You magazine is a great resource for coupons but you can only purchase it at Wal-mart or by subscription. However, All You isn’t the only magazine that has coupons so keep your eyes peeled.

Go to the company’s website. If you like a specific product and rarely see coupons for it then checkout the company’s website. I talked about asking a manufacturer for mailer coupons here plus, alot of times you can end up on a newsletter or mailing list for future coupon offers.

Use multiple resources. There are mounds of printable and electronic resources to get coupons rather than just in a newspaper. Coupons.com is conveniently listed on our site for your convenience.

Signup for FREE samples. There are alot of free samples that you can signup for and many times the sample will include a coupon. As a suggestion I recommend creating an email specifically for freebie offers! Wal-mart has a list here that is updated frequently and the samples come quick.

Buy some coupons. The Coupon Clippers will do the cutting for you and you can get multiples of the coupons that you like. This is helpful when their is something that you want to be able stock up on.

Register for store cards & programs. Make sure you that you register for e-newsletters to keep informed on sales and coupons available. Call customer service to register your store card and let them them you want to make sure your loyalty card is marked to receive promos, discount offers and coupons.
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