Thursday, May 31, 2012

Frugal Living Tip: 9 Frugal Activities for Summer Fun

Summer is almost here! Here are 9 frugal tips for activities you can do with the kids without breaking the bank.

1. Head to the theater. Wait, aren’t those expensive? I know some have raised their prices to $3, but it’s still a steal for the whole movie theater experience – and would be a fun treat that is still affordable. Plus, in the summer time most theaters have a kids’ matinee program that is less expensive.

2. Visit the library. Check out story time, or just check out a great book. Many libraries also have Summer Reading Programs that reward kids for reading books! The St. Louis Public Library even gives out Six Flags passes in exchange for reading books, which would add another day of almost free fun to your summer. 

3. Volunteer.Not only could this be a fun experience for you and the kids, it will create memories and foster a giving attitude from a young age.

4. Grow something. Gardening isn’t just for those with a green thumb. Even if you could kill artificial flowers, the internet has a wealth of information about gardening on a smaller scale and it can help you out tremendously! Plus, what kind of kid doesn’t like to get dirty? Growing your own veggies is just an added bonus.

5. Go bowling. Some bowling alleys have Summer Bowling programs where it’s free or super cheap to take the kids bowling. In St. Louis, select alleys let your kids bowl for free as long as you rent the shoes ($1-$2). Visit for more information.

6. Make a lemonade stand. If you live in an area where people wouldn’t just drive up and purchase lemonade, consider having a garage sale and letting the kids set up a lemonade stand – or invite some friends over to buy lemonade from them. Sure, they will make a few bucks while they’re at it, but the memories they will be creating are worth so much more!

7. Go local. Your local parks department may offer free or inexpensive activities for the kids, such as scavenger hunts, educational classes, and geo-caching.

8. Build something. Each month, Lego stores let kids build a small item and take it home for free. Search for a shop in your area, and call them to get more details. Home Depot and Lowe’s also offer similar programs for kids, but you build things like flower planters.

9. Hit the gym. Many gyms offer free children’s activities while parents work out, so kill two birds with one stone by joining a local gym. While you work out, the kids will enjoy interacting with other children and having fun with different activities that the teachers set up for them.

Please feel free to share with us your ideas for summer fun. 


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