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Tightwad Tip: Halloween Costume Ideas

Haven't gotten the kid's Halloween costumes yet? This Frugal Granny wants you to be creative and use your imagination to create some great costumes. Look around in your basement or attic and see what you can come up with. I have gathered a list of ideas to get you started. 

The Classic - A Ghost: Really, how hard is this? Get a sheet, cut some holes in it and go! If you don't have a white sheet, bet there's one at the thrift store. Grab a Sharpie and customize it with spider webs and stuff.

Another classic - Greek Goddess: Rearrange that white sheet into a stylin' toga, stick a few leaves in your hair, put on some bangles and heavy eyeliner and you're good to go!

Angel: Another use for a white sheet - spray paint it with some clean lacquer paint and toss glitter on it before it dries. Make a halo and wings out of clothes hangers covered with foil. Sweet.

Sexy (?) Nerd: Wear ill fitting clothes, button your shirt wrong, slick down your hair, find some white socks and accessorize with big glasses and a calculator. Easy, right? Can double as clown, with addition of red nose and facepaint.

Hobo: Dig up hub's grubbie gardening or old work duds. Can double as an ornithologist or arborist. Confuse people!

Hot Ninja: Black clothes. Can double as bad ass rock star, with jewelery and a microphone.

Tourist: Hawaiian shirt, camera, big hat, maps sticking out of every pocket, black shoes and white socks. Perfect.

Hippie: Find inner peace with tie dye duds, beads and Birks.

Christmas present: Find a box, customize it to fit you, and cover it with Christmas wrap and ribbon. Downside: you have to stand all night.

Christmas tree: Wear all green and spin in a set of lights. Get to the party and plug in!

GI Jane: go all cammo

Static cling: Dress in all one colour (white or black is good) and pin miscellaneous clothing (socks, etc) and dryer sheets to your outfit.

Fridge: Find a white lab coat and attach fridge magnets and a fridge handle.

Freudian slip: This is Tightwad's fav: wear a slip, and a sash that says 'Freudian'. How funny right?

What did you decide? Upload your pictures to our Facebook page


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