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Tightwad Tips: 5 Tips to Manage Your Manufacturer Rebates!!

I love mail-in rebates, but many times I have good intentions but then never get them sent out in time. I have to remind myself that it is indeed FREE money with a little hard work they do pay off. 

Here are 5 tips that I recommend doing to manage your receipts and keep yourself organized:

1. Send it in immediately – The longer that you wait to send in the rebate, the more likely you will forget about it. It’s happened to me and I just want to kick myself for not sending it in right away.

2. Don’t throw away the packaging – Most times you will also need to send in the UPC label from the packaging, so be sure NOT to throw out the box before you get a chance to cut out the UPC label.

3. Keep your receipts – The first thing I do when I get home with either a Rebate form or making a purchase at Staples, I take out the receipt and rebate form and put them aside near my computer, so the next time I sit down to work, I’ll remember to do the rebate.

4. Make a list – If you are sending out a lot of rebates, you may want to keep a list of all the rebates you send out along with their expected delivery time (usually 4-8 weeks) and a contact email or phone number to inquire should your rebate never arrive.

5. Extra Savings – One thing I like to do with the rebate checks I receive to set that money aside for something special. It’s money I’m not missing anyway, so I might as well stash it away as soon as it comes in. Because if it’s in my checking account…I WILL spend it!


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