Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Pay It Forward: It Only Takes a Minute!

With our everyday lives being so busy, and our heads stuck in our cell phones – we have become a society that completely overlooks the potential for socialization. Social Media has become the new way we communicate. I have to often wonder what ever happened to the old days – where people met face to face and business was done without the help of technology.  As we evolve with technology, we lose a little piece of ourselves which is the ability to communicate face to face.
Whether you’re a professional on the way to work or even a Mom coming in for a quick cup– there’s one thing that’s for sure. We all have a routine that we follow practically every day. You may leave your home in the morning and visit the local coffee shop to get your daily fix – usually with your head looking down into whatever mobile device you are carrying. You grab your coffee of choice and head out to conquer the day. But, while you are ordering your coffee – you may not notice the line of customers that are behind you. These are the same type of people who are following their morning routine as well.
I've watched them each day many times  too focused on catching up on social media, or responding to a text message – or even typing out a quick email, what we didn’t notice is that one of those people who may be standing in line could change your life forever. Just like you – they are following their daily routine and because of the technology that allows us to be mobile anywhere we go – we don’t take a moment to connect face to face.
This is where a simple gesture of picking a random member from the line behind you and paying for their coffee – could be a complete game changer for what’s to come. You have had no communication with these individuals – and know nothing about who they are, or what their profession may be. By buying a cup of coffee for someone – you force yourself to look up from your device and see a smiling face instead of an emoji. You interact with people that you may not normally interact with. You offer a gesture that could be so profound to someone else – that it literally could leave a lasting impression that forever connects you to that person.
As you know, and I have found we don’t know what’s going on in other people’s lives. We often are too wrapped up in our own situations – which we forget to show some interests or compassion, in other people. Your simple gesture of buying a cup of coffee for someone could mean that you now open the door to expand your business that you are working so hard to create. Or, you could meet the person of your dreams – you fall in love with and establish a long term relationship. There are many types of people that you could potentially run into – if you stop and show a piece of your true self. We all have it within us to offer a kind gesture – but we tend to lose ourselves within technology. Learning to take a moment to stop and notice your surroundings could help you to better connect with people, business and relationships.
Don’t be afraid of what other people will think – because after all, it’s a simple cup of coffee. And that small investment in someone could change their life – as well as yours. Learn to Pay It Forward – because the kind gesture you could receive, might be the very thing that sets you on a path of life long success.


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