Saturday, August 5, 2017

Reader Question- How do you use Brandsaver Coupons at Target?

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Here is a question from one of our readers Gabriela


How do you use brandsaver coupons at target if they dont have a barcode (the ones that you are supposed to download to a store card)? Ive heard of people using them but I don't know how.


That is a great question. You are always able to use Brandsaver coupons at Target. But because Target does have a loyalty card you have to print them out and bring them into the store. A good thing is if you have the Target Cartwheel app you will find many times Brandsaver coupons are on the app.

These are Manufacturer single use coupons that can still be combined with weekly specials and Target Cartwheel deals.

I hope this answer was helpful and helps you to still save at Target!


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