Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Today's Target Hack- Watch for Yellow Clearance Tags

You can find Clearance items within each department through-out the store. Many times now they are within the merchandise. You will see items  first get marked down by 15% or 30%, then to 50% off, and finally to 70% or 90% off. These items now have a yellow “clearance” sticker that shows the regular price, the clearance price, the 9 digit DCPI item number and the percentage of the markdown in the top right-hand corner.

Check the small number in the top right corner of the price tag. If it says “50”, it’s been marked to 50% off, if it says “70”, it’s been marked down to 70% off, etc. The only exception is holiday or seasonal merchandise, which can go as high as 90% off (the code will be “90” in the corner).
' Take Note that some clearance items no longer reflect the percent discount in the upper corner.


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