Friday, May 11, 2018

National Stamp Out Hunger Day- Get Your Donation Ready! (5/12)

This Saturday, May 12th is National Stamp Out Hunger Day, the Postal workers in our area are asking people to fill a bag of groceries to donate. How easy, you then place it by your mailbox your letter carrier will pick it up. All proceeds then will be donated to local food banks and pantries in your area.

So, this is important to me because I believe in helping to support a charity that helps people directly in the area. . This year being unemployed and financially struggling,. I challenged myself to spend only $10.00 and see how far I could stretch that as I headed to Target this morning. Now you don't have to shop you certainly can open up your pantry. I just thought for me it would be a challenge to see how far my $10.00 would go. I chose all Market Pantry brand items because they are the best value for the money. My  total was $8.10 after Cartwheel, ibotta and 5% off using my Target REDcard. 

It is also important to me to support our mail carriers who are so kind to give of their time to distribute the flyers and bags then turn around tomorrow and pick up the donations. So many people out in our Communities are struggling. Many families, who even are working need help and these pantries are able to do just that with events like this.

I encourage you if not for this event, take $10.00 and when your shopping next time, as a Target Saver fill a bag full or groceries and then drop it off at a local church food pantry or food bank. If you have kids make it a fun game, use coupons, Cartwheel and Ibotta to get your best deals.  The best part is you will have fun because your helping someone else.

In the meantime, head here for more information on the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive. 


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