Friday, July 27, 2018

5 Ways to Organize Under Your Kitchen Sink

Being that I am  in an apartment with storage space is limited, I discovered that the cupboard under my kitchen sink can be a great useful space for cleaning and other products for use in the kitchen. 
Here are 5 simple tricks I've found for organizing under my kitchen sink and it’s helped me actually enjoy cleaning up the kitchen!

1.Stop digging for soap — set up a lazy Susan instead.

I love this turntable’s rubber grips and plastic coating that’ll make it easy to clean. . . plus it’s under 10 bucks.

2. Hang a metal over-the-door rod for storing your cleaning supplies.

Via HomeRoad
You can find this 2-pack for under $15! Put the second bar under a bathroom sink for the same purpose.

3. Use a door organizer for large or odd-shaped cleaning supplies.

This hanging basket from Amazon is meant for a bathroom, but using it under the kitchen sink is a great alternative.

4. Hang Command hooks to hold gloves and scrub brushes.

You can find Command hooks virtually anywhere, but I’ve seen the best prices at Target.

5. Mount a spice rack on the cupboard door.

This 2-pack mounted spice rack is perfect for this purpose (and under $15!)

What are some ideas you have? Leave your comments below. We'd love to hear your ideas. 


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