Saturday, September 1, 2018

Store Brands vs National Brands - Which One Do You Choose?

Did you know Market Pantry is one of Target's food brands. Market Pantry is one of 10 Target brands that bring in at least $1 billion dollars in sales a year to the stores. I can see how easy that can be done. because recently I noticed the difference in pricing in the store brand verses the regular national brands that I have normally bought and was amazed at the difference. Here's two examples:

I normally buy the Nabisco Premium Saltines at $2.29, then I noticed the Market Pantry Saltines for only $0.79. They are the exact same things, my savings $1.50.

Take a look at the difference in cereal. The Kellogg's Frosted Mini Wheat's was $2.69 and the Market Pantry brand  was only $1.49 with a 5% Cartwheel savings. My savings  $1.20

The  Market Pantry brand has been in the stores for 15 years. Target back in 2016 redesigned  the packaging for the brand using bright colors against a red and white base, which is actually Target's corporate colors. Target always stands behind their brands too. So, the next time you are grocery shopping, take a moment to take a look and compare. You can easily save and make a dent in your grocery budget. 


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