Saturday, July 4, 2020

5 Great Ways To Celebrate the 4th of July!

The 4th of July is today! This year is totally different than in years past. We won’t be having parades, fireworks or bbqs due to the pandemic. However, we can still have a great holiday by being a little more creative. Here are 5 fun ideas you could do to celebrate the 4th!
  1. Go on a family hike or walk. Try finding one that you have never been on. Stay with your core family to stop the spread of the germs. If you live in Utah, you should totally try out Silver Lake up Big Cottonwood Canyon. It’s one of our family favorites. Bring some fun snacks and make it a fun time.
  2. Watch Fireworks from your car or park. Check your local city and see where you can go to see fireworks. I know they are limited this year, but we have a few options near us. I think it would be so fun to find a parking spot where you can see them and pull up your car or a truck and watch from there.
  3. Minute to Win it Games. We have the 4th of July tradition of doing Minute to Win it games with our extended family. This year we are not getting together, but you could totally still do this with your own little family. You could even do a zoom meeting and do the games together. They are always a hit!
  4. Social Distancing BBQ. If you plan to get together, then follow the CDC guidelines so we can all stop the spread of the Covid-19. Some ways you can do this is to have the BBQ outside, sit 6 feet apart, bring your own food as well as plates and utensils. Basically don’t share food and stay somewhat apart. If that’s not possible, consider postponing your BBQ.
  5. Make new patriotic foods. This is something that is super fun to do for any holiday. Check Pinterest and see what new foods you could try to celebrate with red, white and blue. Have the kids get into it as well and have them pick something.


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