Saturday, August 22, 2020

Imperfect Foods | Save $20 on Your First Grocery Box

Looking for an alternative to heading to the Grocery store each week? Now is the time to try Imperfect Foods. For a limited time they're offering you $20.00 off your first box. (That's a lot of groceries for FREE). Delivered right to your home.

Imperfect Foods delivers groceries on a mission. They are a grocery delivery company focused on eliminating food waste and building a better food system for everyone. If food can be saved, they find a way to save it and not let it go to waste. 

We started ordering a few months ago and really love it. It is convenient and easy to order and we've never had problems with deliveries. Everything is fresh and packed well. 

The company does take pride in offering imperfect delicious produce, affordable pantry items, quality dairy, and meat and deliver them to our customers' door for up to 30% less than the grocery store. 

When you sign up, you’ll select either an organic which contains certified organic produce or a regular box full of conventional produce. Each week, we’ll start your order off with delicious, ugly produce that you can review, keep or change! 

Then, just like shopping through aisles at your grocery store, you can customize your order each week by shopping through our shelves to keep, add, or remove items from your grocery trip.

Check out Imperfect Foods now and get $20 off your first box ordered. Start your shopping here.


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