Saturday, June 26, 2021

Target Edition Monopoly Game Available for Pre-Order!

Now I'm sure you all know my FAVORITE store is Target and I love saving money. But, what you may not know is one of my favorite games is Monopoly! So I am so excited to see that the Target Edition Monopoly Game is available for pre-order for just $24.99.

Now this fun version, players browse for items instead of buying properties. When you pick up an item, you might also get a Circle token to double or triple your savings! Players also compete for a RedCard to double their savings at checkout. The person with the most savings wins! 

Plus, Target themed tokens include Bullseye the dog, a shopping bag, a coffee cup and a shopping cart. When a player lands on an item space, there’s a super cute red Target basket to put the item in which they purchase at checkout.

So if you are a fan of Target, Monopoly and saving money too, be sure and pre-order your copy of this limited edition game.


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